The Best Coworking Spaces in Lisbon

Looking for the best coworking spaces in Lisbon, Portugal? Lisbon is one of the top locations worldwide to work as a digital nomad. With its buzzing vibe, warm weather, and relatively low cost in comparison to other European cities, I understand why many digital nomads (myself included) decide to make Lisbon their temporary home. After spending a month working from Lisbon, I found it was about time to write down some of the city’s best coworking spaces.

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Lisbon is a vibrant and growing city with a thriving startup scene. As such, there is a demand for high-quality co-working spaces that offer a professional and productive environment for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers. This blog post contains some of the top coworking spaces in Lisbon.

Second Home Lisboa

Housed above the storied 19th Century Mercado da Ribeira, Second Home is a stylish coworking space that has been designed with creativity and collaboration in mind. The space features a range of private offices, meeting rooms, and open-plan areas, as well as an on-site cafe with catering options. What’s so unique about this coworking space is that it’s full of plants and natural light – it feels like you’re working from a peaceful garden.

Second Home Lisboa have different monthly membership options, from a hot desk across their workspace to a private office space. They offer fiber-optic broadband, phone booths, and breakout spaces, meeting rooms (from €15+VAT per hour), weekly wellness events, free coffee, and monthly social events.

Monthly rates: From €235 per member.
Website: Check out here

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Village Underground

Village Underground is a coworking space located in Lisbon’s creative hub Alcântara, near the trendy LX Factory. What makes it stand out from other coworking spaces is its eco-friendly concept, which repurposes shipping containers and double-decker buses into working spaces, making it an inspiring place to work.

Apart from being an environmentally conscious space, Village Underground also offers a wide range of facilities and amenities, such as high-speed internet, printing and scanning services, and meeting rooms. Moreover, it hosts several events and workshops throughout the year, fostering a strong sense of community among its members. Besides office spaces, Village Underground also offers a recording studio, pop-up stores, art galleries and more.

Overall, Village Underground is a great option for digital nomads or freelancers looking for an alternative and innovative coworking space in Lisbon.

Monthly rates: From €150 per member.
Website: Check out here

PS. Forbes has chosen the Village Underground Lisboa as one of the 4 most disruptive coworking spaces in the world. Cool, right?

Selina Lisbon

Selina Lisbon is a vibrant hotel and coworking space located in the heart of Lisbon’s trendy Cais do Sodre neighborhood. Selina Lisbon offers flexible workspaces and meeting rooms equipped with high-speed internet.

What sets Selina Lisbon apart from other coworking spaces is its unique atmosphere. The space is designed with a bohemian and artistic flair, reflecting Lisbon’s creative vibe. Besides coworking space, Selina Lisbon also offers a rooftop deck, patio, pool area, weekly program with dance classes, wellness retreats, social nomad meetups, and more. I’ve stayed at several Selinas around the world, and I have never been disappointed in their digital nomad orientation.

Monthly rates: From €240 per member, depending on the type of workspace and services selected.
Website: Check out here

Impact Hub Lisbon

Impact Hub Lisbon is one of the top coworking spaces in the city, offering an inspiring environment for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers. The space is located in the central area, close to Arco da Rua Augusta, surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and art galleries.

What makes Impact Hub Lisbon unique is its commitment to social impact and sustainability. The space hosts events and workshops on topics such as social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and community building. Additionally, they offer various services to support social impact businesses, such as mentoring and networking opportunities.

The membership includes access to the workspace, meeting rooms, high-speed internet, and printing services. They also offer a “flex desk” option, which allows you to use the space for only the days you really need it.

If you’re looking for a coworking space that not only offers a productive work environment but also supports social impact and sustainability initiatives, then Impact Hub Lisbon is the place to be.

Monthly rates: From €60 (for 1 day per week) to €220 (for 5 days per week)
Website: Check out here

Avlia Spaces

Avila Spaces is a popular coworking space located in Lisbon, Portugal. This coworking space is beautifully and ergonomically furnished and includes a range of workspaces from private offices to hot desks.

Avila Spaces offers great amenities for its members, such as high-speed Wi-Fi, a communal kitchen, access to meeting rooms (depending on what package you sign up for), and access to workshops and networking events.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or startup, Avila Spaces provides a professional and inspiring environment to work and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Monthly rates: From €220 per member
Website: Check out here

Outsite Cowork Cafe

Outsite Lisbon’s Cowork Cafe is a central workspace in Lisbon with plenty of desks, fast Wifi and coffee on tap. They offer a unique blend of coworking, café, and community in one space. The space is perfect for digital nomads, freelancers, and remote workers looking for a comfortable and inspiring workspace.

One of the advantages of working at Outsite Cowork Cafe Lisbon is its convenient location. It is situated in the trendy neighborhood of Cais do Sodré, within walking distance of many restaurants, cafes, and shops. However, one of the cons is that the space can get quite crowded during peak hours.

The monthly rate for one person at Outsite Cowork Cafe Lisbon starts at €150. This price includes high-speed internet, access to the shared workspace, and unlimited coffee and tea. There are also options for private offices and meeting rooms for an additional fee.

Monthly rates: €150 per person
Website: Check out here

Aker Brygge in Oslo

IDEA Spaces

IDEA Spaces has four coworking spaces across Lisbon, which all provide entrepreneurs and freelancers with the perfect environment to work and develop their projects. This space has a modern and innovative design, with spacious and comfortable work areas, meeting rooms, and private offices that can be rented according to your needs.

With one membership (starting from €175) you get access to all four coworking spaces. This is a very competitive price compared to other co-working spaces in Lisbon, considering the quality of the space and the four locations.

Monthly rates: From €175 per member
Website: Check out here


Overall, Lisbon has a wide range of high-quality co-working spaces to choose from, each offering its own unique atmosphere and amenities. Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, you are sure to find a co-working space that meets your needs in this vibrant and growing city.

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