Best beaches in Sweden – a guide to the sandy beaches in Skåne

If you’re looking for the best beaches in Sweden, then where better to look than at the Swedish Riviera? Southern Sweden is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, with soft white sand and clear water. Here’s a list of the best Sweden beaches, all located in Skåne, the most southern region in Sweden.

When to visit Skåne, Sweden

If you’re longing for a hot European summer, then Sweden will probably not be at the top of your mind. What many people don’t know is that Sweden offers beautiful nature, sandy beaches and long lukewarm evenings. The best time to visit Sweden is June to August, at least if you want to maximize your chances of sun and warm weather. And the best region to visit during summer is definitely Skåne!

Growing up in Skåne, Sweden, means that I practically lived on these beaches in the summers. In this blog post I will highlight the most beautiful beaches in Skåne, from west to east.

Map of the best beaches in Skåne, Sweden

1. Lomma beach

Lomma beach is popular among locals near Malmö and Lund, two of the larger cities in Skåne. That being said, this beach is packed on warm summer days.

Boat life is not as popular in Skåne as in Bohuslän, but Lomma actually has a small harbor where you can spot people hanging out on their boats. Lomma also has plenty of restaurants and ice cream shops.

Parking: Lomma beach is located close to the center of Lomma town, with plenty of parking options.

Ribersborg beach in Malmö.

2. Ribersborg beach

Ribersborg beach, to locals known as Ribban, is a beach located in the center of Malmö. Since this is a city beach it’s not as beautiful as the rest of the beaches recommended in this blog post. However, if you’re in Malmö and you don’t have time to get to a beach outside the city, this is a good option. It’s a long sandy beach with views of landmarks like Öresund bridge and Turning Torso.

In the middle of the beach you will also find Ribersborg’s cold bath house – a bath house where you jump directly into the ocean. The cold bath tradition in Sweden is long established, and is usually combined with a sauna.

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Skanör beach is home to many colorful bathing huts. 

3. Skanör beach

In the middle of Flommen’s nature reserve lies Skanör beach. The beach is wide and lined with grassy sand dunes and small colorful bathing huts, for which the beach is very famous.

Skanör is my absolute favorite beach in Skåne. It’s big, you get to see the colorful bathing huts and can finish the day with a dinner at the restaurant Badhytten. This beach is also perfect for watching the sunset.

Parking: Skanör beach offers a big parking lot. However, it fills up quickly on a hot summer day.

Falsterbo is a popular summer getaway for Swedes. 

5. Falsterbo beach

Not far away from Skanör lies Falsterbo beach. This beach is a bit smaller and faces south instead of west, like Skanör. All beaches in Skåne are characterized by shallow water, and especially Falsterbo beach. This is one of the most famous beaches in Skåne.

The small village Falsterbo is a popular place for Swedes, especially people from Stockholm, to buy or rent summer houses – making it a very exclusive town with lots of life during the summer. If you feel like grabbing something to eat I can highly recommend Kust café. Their breakfast is delicious and popular among the summer guests.

Parking: Falsterbo beach offers a big parking lot. Like Skanör, it fills up quickly on a hot summer day.

Ljunghusen beach is a small tranquil beach.

6. Ljunghusen beach

Ljunghusen beach is a lesser known beach, not as popular as the nearby Skanör, Falsterbo or Kämpinge beach – which makes it a bit of a hidden gem. Ljunghusen beach actually offers the softest and whitest sand, clear water, characteristic white bathing huts and a long jetty for those who do not want to wade out into the shallow water.

Parking: Note that this beach (and the parking lot) is a bit smaller, so it’s a good idea to go there early in the morning.

The 2 km long Kämpinge beach.

7. Kämpinge beach

Kämpinge beach is one of the more popular beaches in southwestern Sweden. The beach is 2 km long with white sand and clear water, lined with grassy sand dunes and bathing huts. Along the beach there are several public facilities, cafés selling ice cream and coffee, and one popular restaurant called Strandtugg. There’s even a water sport facility, called Kämpinge Water Sports (Kämpinge Vattensportsklubb in Swedish).

Parking: You can get to Kämpinge beach from many different streets, but if you don’t live there you should stick to the public parking lot (marked in this map).

Sandhammaren beach has been voted Sweden’s best beach. 

8. Sandhammaren beach

Sandhammaren beach is definitely the best beach on the southeastern side of Skåne, an area better known as Österlen. This beach has been voted Sweden’s best beach, and I can understand why. It’s several miles long, has white soft sand and is lined with picturesque grassy sand dunes.

Note that the water temperature usually is a bit colder on the eastern side of Skåne than on the western side.

Parking: Sandhammaren beach is popular among both tourists and locals. There is a parking lot, but it can be hard to find a parking space if you come on the busiest days in July. Be prepared to park along the public roads.

Tips! A few kilometers west of Sandhammaren beach lies Kåseberga and Ale’s Stones, Sweden’s version of Stonehenge. Pay a visit while you’re nearby, it’s pretty cool.

Knäbäckshusen beach is lined with trees and steep slopes.

9. Knäbäckshusen

Knäbäckshusen beach is located in eastern Skåne, a bit north of Simrishamn and just south of Stenshuvud National Park. This is a small sandy beach with clear water. Unlike the beaches on the west and east side of Skåne, Knäbäckshusen beach is lined with trees and steep slopes. Lying on the beach with the dramatic mountain in Stenshuvud National Park as a backdrop almost makes you feel like you’re in Thailand or the Philippines.

Parking: The parking lot near Knäbäckshusen (marked in this map) is pretty small. It might be hard to find a parking space. Get there early and be prepared to park along the public roads.

Tips! Knäbäckshusen is located in the heart of Österlen, the popular region in southeastern Skåne filled with antique shops, art galleries, great restaurants and farm hotels. If you have a few days extra while you’re in Skåne, I suggest you explore this region! Follow the comprehensive guide Österlen Sweden: The Best Places to Stay, Eat + See for the full experience.

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